NFT News NFT's 5 Under The Radar NFT Collections That Have Made People Wealthy With Strong Sales Volumes

5 Under The Radar NFT Collections That Have Made People Wealthy With Strong Sales Volumes

We constantly hear about the big Ape NFT’s that hit millions of dollars. What people may not know is there are a good number of very profitable NFT’s that can make you the 1000’s. For a lot of people that can be life changing. In this article we will discuss some of those.

As the cryptocurrency markets remain in an uneasy state, the attention slowly shifts to non-fungible tokens again. As a result, many lesser-known NFT collections have popped off this week, generating a decent trading volume. Some of them may be worth keeping an eye on, although always do your own research first. 

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Moonbirds ($394 million)

It is unusual to see an NFT collection generate hundreds of millions of dollars in sales volume per week. Even MAYC and BAYC do not reach those numbers these days, and CryptoPunks is further down the rankings. For Moonbirds, the weekly volume of over $394 million confirms strong interest in the project. 

The top sale in the past 24 hours went for 205 ETH, and the top trader pocketed a 6,798% return. Very spectacular numbers, although they may look very different a week from today. PFP NFT collections remain very appealing for quick flips, although there will allegedly be long-term benefits to holders too.

MurukamiFlowers Seed ($61.2 million)

The MurukamiFlowers collection is an homage to Takashi Murakami, a renowned artist. The flowers represent dot art evocative of Japanese TV games created in the 70s. The collection has 108 different backgrounds and flower colors to make up a field. Every field has 108 flower images, and there are 108 fields, resulting in a collection spanning 11,664 flower images.

It is good to see renowned artists explore non-fungible tokens to introduce more people to their artwork. Buyers will not have rights to the actual artwork but will have a limited license to the corresponding artwork. The collection has generated tremendous volume and notes over 2,400 buyers in the past week. 

Beanz ($20.9 million)

Who would’ve thought people would pay up to 5 Ether for a red bean on a red background because it is one of the many NFT collections? Those who invested early on in the Beanz NFT collection note a strong increase in sales momentum this week. These beans are small species sprouting from the dirt in the garden and serve as a sidekick to an Azuki. NFT holders gain access to a private Discord server and will gain more benefits over the coming months. 

The Beanz collection was a surprise airdrop by the Azuki team on April 1st. Initially assumed a joke, the collection is now in the weekly volume top 5, ahead of the initial Azuki collection. The floor price has decreased gradually, though, and the number of active wallets is also dipping. Even so, more owners remain a bullish signal no matter what. 

Azuki ($18 million)

The Azuki NFT collection consists of 10,000 avatars providing membership access to the Garden. The Garden is a slice of the internet for artists, builders, and Web3 enthusiasts to create a decentralized future. Azure holders were also introduced to the Beanz airdrop several weeks ago, incentivizing long-term NFT ownership.

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Moreover, Azuki holders will be eligible for future exclusive drops, experiences, etc. The collection has been thriving for a while and still notes tremendous weekly sales. Its price floor also seems steady at nearly 25 ETH, and one of the NFTs in the collection sold for over $1 million not too long ago. 

RTFKT – MNLTH ($15.1 million)

When the RTFKT team releases a new NFT collection, people will take notice. Ever since the team struck a partnership with Nike, there has been tremendous interest in what would come next. The new MNLTH collection is shrouded in mystery. The single NFT in this set has 9,200 owners and has Nike and RTKFT markings, yet no one knows what they represent exactly. 

The collection is the first co-branded Nike and RTFKT creation, which was airdropped to CloneX and PodX holders. Given Nike’s keen interest in the Metaverse, this NFT may be a game-changer for the virtual world. It is uncertain when the NFT will be unveiled or whether this design serves a specific purpose. Even so, the asset attracts plenty of eager buyers. 

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