NFT News NFT's Asian Fans Can Now Have Social Engagement With Their Favorite Stars, And Celebrities

Asian Fans Can Now Have Social Engagement With Their Favorite Stars, And Celebrities

Can’t meet your favorite celebrity in the live world? How about meeting them in the metaverse?
Now its possible as more and more celebrities are making vitual appearances. Gemie is all about allowing fans to meet and interact with their favorite celebrities in the evolving virtual landscape.

Thanks to blockchain, various industries are welcoming the idea of establishing their presence in the metaverse. The metaverse has been gaining traction daily and is predicted to take over the world economy. It is not surprising given that companies have identified the virtual world as a place to enhance fan engagement and launch their products. 

Despite the novelty of the metaverse and web3, several brands have already established their presence. The likes of Samsung and Nike have entered the virtual landscape, and it’s expected that more companies and brands will follow suit as they explore ways to boost engagement and drive sales.

The entertainment sector has managed to carve a space in the virtual world, with celebrities like Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber taking advantage of the recent hype to establish their virtual presence and connect with new fans. Although the metaverse is increasingly becoming adopted in the West, the East is relatively behind the trend.

The Eastern part of the world lacks a metaverse platform suited for Asian consumers. Fans are craving more social engagement with their favorite stars, and celebrities want to explore new ways to reach their audiences. However, the absence of a dedicated metaverse platform is derailing these goals. For this reason, Gemie emerged.

Gemie is a metaverse platform where celebrities and entertainment IPs come onboard to interact meaningfully with their loyal fans without geographical limitations. Gemie’s vision is to take the Asian entertainment industry to the metaverse and create opportunities for fans and entertainers to connect. In the Gemie metaverse, fans can travel through the different virtual planets and enjoy exclusive perks with NFTs. 

Celebrities and entertainment houses can expand their fan base and get closer to their audiences. In addition, they can monetize their creativity to boost their earning potential and create content without limits. Gemie gives entertainers the tools and resources to actualize their visions in the metaverse.

Gemie is optimistic about providing the best user experience to the audience and growing the presence of stars and IPs given their team’s years of experience in the entertainment industry and deep understanding of Asian consumers. The platform is founded by veterans in the entertainment, gaming, and communication sectors and supported by investors, such as Shima Capital, Infinity Ventures Crypto, and NGC Ventures.

Gemie is all about allowing fans to meet and interact with their favorite celebrities in the evolving virtual landscape. In the physical world, there are not many opportunities for fans to connect closely with music artists and entertainers, especially given current travel restrictions. Gemie will create a network that connects supporters to their favorite stars, eliminating the distance barrier. 

In connecting to Asian celebrities, fans can also enjoy immersive virtual experiences from events organized by the stars. Fans can support their favorite entertainers by purchasing their custom NFTs which allow access to exclusive real-world and virtual benefis. 

Gemie allows entertainers to garner new audiences and unlock sponsorship deals. Using the tools and resources provided by the platform, celebrities can customize their planet and NFTs, create content without limits, and monetize their creativity.

Distinct Features of Gemie

Gemie enables celebrities and their fans to explore its metaverse. Key features of the platform include an online Store, Concert Halls, Virtual Rooms, and the Gemie DAO. 

The Gemie Store is the commercial center of the metaverse, where celebrities sell their customized NFTs to their diehard fans. These NFTs range from digital collectibles to decor and wearables. Gemie presents an opportunity for the users to own celebrity merchandise represented by digital assets with unique offline and online benefits, such as access to live concerts, discounts, exclusive waitlist, purchase of real-world items (physical movie and music video), etc. 

The Concert Hall is the core entertainment spot, and it is where the fans would want to be. The Concert Halls host virtual concerts, where music artists perform and premiere events for movies and music videos. Fans can also meet and greet other supporters and their favorite entertainers. 

Gemie has also designed custom spaces for fans to hang out with friends privately in their Virtual Rooms.
Lastly, the platform plans to establish a DAO infrastructure, giving eligible users the chance to propose and vote on celebrity and platform decisions.  

Gemie will have a beta launch in the next quarter and have a public launch in the second quarter of 2023.

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