NFT News NFT's 2022 Time’s 100 Most Influential List Recognizes Metaverse And NFT Companies.

2022 Time’s 100 Most Influential List Recognizes Metaverse And NFT Companies.

No one can deny the influence that blockchain tecnology and the companies that pursue it have on the world today. A prime example is Time magazine itself as it kept up our current times by acknowledging a few.

A list of the top 100 most influential companies highlighted four companies that have their hands in the fast-growing non-fungible token and metaverse markets. Here’s a look at the four names on the list.

What Happened: Time, a leading magazine and digital media outlet, named the 100 most influential companies last week. Among the 100 names were 34 publicly traded companies. The list broke companies down into the categories of pioneers, titans, leaders, innovators and disruptors.

Among the pioneers were four companies related to NFTs and the metaverse.

Opensea: Leading NFT marketplace OpenSea made the list thanks to “fueling the NFT frenzy.” OpenSea had $14 billion in transactions in 2021, making it the most popular marketplace for NFTs.

“It’s possible that one day, nearly everything we own will be accounted for on the blockchain,” OpenSea co-founder Devin Finzer said.

OpenSea has over one million users and could bring even more to the platform. The company, which is primarily focused on NFTs built on the Ethereum ETH/USD blockchain announced that Solana SOL/USD
NFTs will be coming to OpenSea in April.

The Sandbox: Virtual world company The Sandbox, which is owned by Animoca Brands, was named to the list by Time. The magazine calls the company a pioneer of the digital world, with hundreds of partnerships with brands and celebrities. Virtual land sold in The Sandbox, which also has its own namesake token called The Sandbox SAND/USD, has passed $2 billion.

Over two million people are registered on The Sandbox.

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Rec Room: Social virtual reality company Rec Room makes the list as “a virtual playground.” Time reports that 37 million people use the app to create and share games and experiences in the metaverse.

“The platform has become a place where people can come together to form meaningful connections, build communities, and share their creativity,” Rec Room CEO Nick Fajt said.

Together Labs: Named to the list for being a leader in “metaverse money,” Together Labs is a company known for digital currency transactions. The company launched VCoin in January 2021 thanks to an SEC ruling on virtual world payments in cryptocurrency.

Together Labs launched a new division called MetaJuice in January 2022 to grow the gaming and app segments on the blockchain. The division will allow people the ability to create, earn and own the metaverse.

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Why It’s Important: Time has been a growing media brand for the NFT and metaverse divisions. The company launched TimePieces, a collection of NFTs with partners. The company also launched Time Studios, a new media company that will bring NFTs to movies and shows.

Time signed deals with Robotos, Toy Boogers and other NFTs for new animated series.

Time has also announced that it will begin accepting ApeCoin APE, a token with connections to the Bored Ape Yacht Club and Yuga Labs ecosystem, for payments of its magazine subscriptions.

The inclusion of NFT and metaverse companies on the list of top influential names could help showcase the growth of the segments and the potential of long lasting growth versus what many people think will happen, a bubble that will soon burst.

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